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Central City Chiropractic

Chiro in Perth WA Gets to the Root of the Problem

Perth-based Central City Chiropractors specialize in the treatment of all nerve, muscle, and joint pain. Due to the intricate, and highly sensitive nature of what we do, we employ a very specific process to the treatment of our patients. And because we deal in areas we know can cause great pain, we work diligently, and most often are able, to offer same day appointments to new and repeat patients alike.

A Few Facts About the Spine

When speaking to a specialist about the spine, patients are likely to hear a lot of technical jargon that sounds a bit like a blend of Latin and another language. But when it comes right down to it, what patients need to know is that the spine runs from the base of the skull to the tailbone, and everything in the body connects to it.

Because of this, many times what appears to be pain coming from other places such as the elbow, or fingertips, or even the head, is actually rooted in the spine.

By now it is probably evident that the spine is of the utmost importance to overall health, and should be actively maintained and protected. The spinal column is home to:

  • More than 220 specialized ligaments
  • More than 120 muscles
  • A network of blood vessels
  • Hundreds of nerve endings and nerve fibers
  • More than 100 joints
  • 33 vertebrae
  • The spinal cord, which is the pathway between the brain and all other parts of the body

This is the very reason why Perth cbd chiropractic clinic (formally central city chiropractors) is committed to the meticulous care and treatment of this irreplaceable component of the body.

We know the spine, neck and shoulders provide many places for sources of pain to hide, which is why we begin with a careful assessment and process of diagnosis before we take any steps toward actual treatment.

Convenient Times and Location

Because we are now conveniently located in the CBD Wellness Centre, where we work alongside highly qualified physiotherapists and massage therapists, we can ensure the maximum standards of care for every single one of our patients through mutual collaboration across several platforms of specialization.

Perth cbd chiropractic clinic (formally central city chiropractors) also offers convenient access to the new Perth underground station, and are proud to offer lunchtime and just-after-work appointments to accommodate even the most demanding of schedules. If patients are experiencing pain in nerves, joints, or musculature, they should not hesitate to contact Perth cbd chiropractic clinic (formally central city chiropractors) today to receive a spinal check and consultation.

Our professional promise to you is: We will maintain your confidentiality and privacy at all times. We will provide you with unbiased, honest and professional advice and if for some reason we can’t help you we will refer to the correct specialist who can.