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Chiropractic Case Study Videos

  • Dr. Rachel Hippolyte BSc(Hons) Chiro, DC, RN

    Dr. Rachel Hippolyte

    Rachel graduated from the University of Glamorgan, UK in 2002 and emigrated to Perth In 2007 when she opened Perth cbd chiropractic clinic (formally central city chiropractors). She has also been a registered nurse for 14 years.

    Rachel believes in holistic treatment and uses manual adjusting techniques along with dry needling acupuncture, activator and soft tissue techniques. She treats a wide range of spinal and extremity conditions and has a special interest in pregnancy and the newborn.

    Her main aim for Perth cbd chiropractic clinic (formally central city chiropractors) is to provide exceptionally high standards of care for her clients in a warm and friendly environment.

  • Dr. Nancy Messiha BSc(chiro) B Chiro - a Murdoch University Graduate

    Dr. Nancy Messiha

    Nancy is a Graduate from Murdoch University in WA. She enjoys treating a variety of muscle and joint problems such as neck, back, arm and leg pain using massage techniques, adjusting, exercise and rehabilitation to improve the quality and function of the body. All treatment methods are specifically modified to suit the patients’ needs and goals.

    Having previously worked as a sports trainer for football and rugby clubs, Nancy also has an interest in treating sporting injuries such sprains, strains and can perform sports taping techniques.

  • Dr. Laura Nicklette BSc(chiro) B Chiro - a Murdoch University Graduate

    Dr. Laura Nicklette

    Laura graduated from Murdoch University in Western Australia. She has a keen interest in treating a variety of muscular, spinal and extremity complaints, including sports injuries and repetitive stress injuries.

    Laura's skills include Chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy, dry needling and Graston technique.

    In 2012 Laura began working with the team from our clinic treating the Perth Wildcats. She has an enthusiastic approach and is focused on helping you achieve optimum health.

  • Amanda Smith DC B. Chiro, BSc(chiro)

    Amanda Smith

    Amanda moved from the USA to Perth in 2002 and graduated from Murdoch University. She believes that chiropractic care is a useful tool in helping the body heal itself.

    She uses manual adjustment techniques, activator, soft tissue therapies as well dry needling. She has a special interest in working with families including prenatal/postnatal care for mums as well as newborns and growing children. She has also worked with local sports teams and can help with injury management. She believes that patient's needs are individual and treatments are designed to meet the patient's goals.


We are the staff and practitioners who make up Perth cbd chiropractic clinic (formally central city chiropractors), now located within the CBD Wellness Centre in Perth at: 110 William St Perth WA 6000 Perth cbd chiropractic clinic (formally central city chiropractors), now a proud part of the CBD Wellness Centre in Perth, is known for its commitment to patient care. With a special focus on information and communication, Central City Chiropractors employ a simple, effective step-by-step approach to every patient that walks through our door.


After we get to know you a bit, the first phase of our process is analysis. Through a series of questions, and a physical examination, we do our best to determine the issues your body is currently dealing with.


Being part of the CBD Wellness Centre does have its advantages. With professional physiotherapists and massage therapists around every corner, we maximize our resources by getting a number of opinions from across the medical spectrum to ensure we have the correct diagnosis and most effective treatment plan.


We know for many people, a medical office is a fairly scary place to be. In our experience, most of the discomfort associated with medical clinics comes from a lack of understanding as to what exactly is going on.

At Central City, we’re committed to providing a clear understanding of every phase of our plan to the patient. Before we begin any treatment plan, our patients will understand what we think is going on, what we have analyzed to be viable treatment options, and finally, how we plan to proceed.




Once we know our approach, the real work begins. But then, so does the relief, which is our favourite part. Our staff employs a number of different techniques to suit each patient individually, including joint manipulation, and soft tissue release including dry needling, massage and graston.

Most patients experience significant relief immediately following their treatments. Those who do not, still experience some relief, though the injury or discomfort they’re experiencing may take a few more sessions before extensive relief is realised.

Doctor’s Note

Persistent pain, however dull or faint, should be looked at immediately. Many times what appears to be just a minor ache can, with time, become something much more pervasive. Catching and treating muscle and joint pain early, is one of the surest ways to avoid long term agitation and secure permanent, positive results.

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