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Dry Needling

Many people think of acupuncture when dry needling is mentioned, and while the same type of needles are used for both, dry needling is not acupuncture!

The primary focus is to needle muscles which harbor trigger points, it is a musculoskeletal Therapy based on Myofascial Release! There have been a number of studies which have shown the insertion of a needle into a trigger point to be considerably more effective than acupuncture in releasing musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. painful tight areas in muscles almost always harbor trigger points, which are surrounded by numerous chemicals known to cause inflammation and pain. Muscles which harbor Trigger Points are also known to have abnormal electrical activity, which sends abnormal, electrical impulses to the spinal cord .

This abnormal chemical and electrical environment severely effects the muscle’s cellular metabolism resulting in muscle contraction and compression of local blood vessels & nerves. This causes an energy crisis, resulting in a self-perpetuating cycle of pain, inflammation & contraction. When a needle is successfully inserted into a trigger point it causes a local twitch response causing the electrical and chemical environment within the muscle returns to normal. This normalises blood flow and allows proper cellular function to return. There is also a release of specific chemicals which help repair and rebuild damaged tissue in the area.

Many people experience fairly immediate changes after treatment as the muscle begins to relax. The full effects of a dry needle treatment are usually realised in about 8 -10 days as the effected tissue completes a repair and regeneration process.

Dry needling is effective for any pain resulting from muscles including headaches


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