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Headache Treatments

Headaches our one of the most common complaints that patients attend Central City Chiropractors for. The majority of headaches are benign and are often caused by tightness of muscles and joints in the neck. A large percentage of the population work either at the desk or computer. We can minimize the stress caused on the muscles and joints by spending so much time at the desk with ergonomic advice and good posture but unfortunately this isn’t enough to prevent headaches in some patients.

Cervicogenic headaches are headaches which are referred from the joints, and muscles in the neck. They are commonly either at the base of the skull or referring into the head or eyes. They are associated with poor posture, and people that spend a long hours at the desk. The pain often fluctuates but is often worse at the end of the day, or after hours spent studying.

Migraine headaches are the second most common type of primary headache. An estimated 28 million people in the United States (about 12% of the population) will experience migraine headaches. Migraine headaches affect children as well as adults. Before puberty, boys and girls are affected equally by migraine headaches, but after puberty, more women than men are affected. An estimated 6% of men and up to 18% of women will experience a migraine .headches

When to consult a doctor for headaches?

  • Severe ("the worst ever")
  • Different than the usual headaches
  • Starts suddenly during exertion
  • Aggravated by exertion, coughing, bending, or sexual activity
  • Associated with persistent nausea and vomiting
  • Associated with stiff neck, fever, dizziness, blurred vision, slurred speech, unsteady gait, weakness or unusual sensations of the arm or leg, excessive drowsiness or confusion
  • Associated with seizures
  • Associated with recent head trauma or a fall
  • Not responding to treatment and is getting worse


  • Disabling, and interfering with work and the quality of life
  • Requires more than the recommended dose of over-the-counter analgesics for relief .
  • So many patients we see at Perth cbd chiropractic clinic (formally central city chiropractors) have put up with there headaches for a long time not knowing that they don’t have to.
  • At Perth cbd chiropractic clinic (formally central city chiropractors) we are qualified to diagnosis the cause of your headaches and if appropriate treat them with chiropractic techniques.
  • If we decide that the cause of your headache requires further investigation we will send you to the appropriate medical discipline.

So please don’t put up with your headache call Perth cbd chiropractic clinic (formally central city chiropractors).on 94868653 A chiropractor will be happy to answer any questions.