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What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy in which the hypnotist puts the client in a relaxed state called ‘trance’ in order to give him or her positive suggestions relating to the session. The trance state is necessary because it allows suggestions to be accepted on a deep unconscious level, which is where all long lasting change takes place.

What is Trance?
Trance is simply a relaxed state in which the mind becomes more open to positive suggestions. Trance is the state entered into when one is hypnotised. Interestingly, trance is a state that we enter many times throughout the day and is a normal comfortable feeling

How can hypnotherapy help me?
Yes. Anyone can be hypnotised. Hypnosis is merely a state of relaxation that the client wilfully enters to receive positive and empowering suggestions about making wanted change in an area of life. All that is needed for a successful hypnosis session is the willingness of the client to go into trance.

Will i bark like a dog?
Hypnosis can not make you do something that is against your morals or ethics. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, in truth, and no hypnotist can make you do something that you really don't want to do. The stage hypnotist carefully selects his subjects (watch how many volunteers he has sit down), and he chooses people he knows WILL bark like a dog. They will because somewhere inside them is a part that loves to entertain.

Will i loose control?
You always have control, and you can always hear what's going on. Hypnosis is nothing but a state of relaxed deep focus. It is a natural state that you enter at least twice a day (while waking up and while falling asleep!), Have you ever driven from A to B and not remembered the journey? That is trance. If at any time you are in trance and you wish to be fully awake, you can just count to yourself "1 - 2- 3" and open your eyes.

My friend tried hypnosis to quit smoking and it didn't work.
There is more to changing a serious habit like smoking than just a few hypnotic suggestions, I'm afraid. In the simplest terms, the person must want the change, and they must have a replacement for smoking. Hypnosis can be used to find a healthy, effective replacement, and then it can be used to help flip the subconscious over to the new, healthy habits. Most importantly the client needs to be 100% committed and pretasking is an important part of the treatment to ensure we only work with clients that are 100% committed to a healthy lifestyle. We also give post hypnotherapy tasking to ensure the new positive suggestions stay strong neurologically.

Isn't Hypnosis dangerous?
No Hypnosis is very safe. You are always in control, always able to "came back" to full waking state at anytime if you wanted or needed to. The number one job of the subconscious mind is to protect you, and it is always on the job. Of course, you will want to choose a hypnotherapist that has been well trained and that is trustworthy. Select one that gives you confidence. Hypnosis is a safe and beneficial procedure when facilitated by an ethical and trained professional.