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Optimal Foetal positioning

The position of a baby in a woman’s pelvis at the end of her pregnancy will have a major influence on the kind of labour she has.There fore it is very important to encourage the baby to lie in the most favourable position.

Favourable Occiput Anterior Position

  • Ensures correct foetal positioning prior to labour
  • Allows flexed neck to ensure smallest part of babies head goes through the pelvic brim 1st
  • reduces the likelihood of medical intervention,
  • reduces labour times,
  • Minimises pain of labour (I’m afraid it still hurts) and need for pain relief

Unfavourable occiput posterior position

  • Rarely allows the baby to engage, which may mean delivery well after the due date.
  • Causes a babies neck to deflexed (straighten) which means a larger area of the babies head is presented 1st, which will require a lot more moulding to be squeezed through the pelvic brim.
  • Labours tend to be long
  • More likely to require pain relief,
  • Higher risk of medical intervention, such as suction, forceps or caesarean section.

How to encourage the best position for your baby

  • Visit your chiropractor who will be able to diagnosis and treat any pelvic misalignments to ensure maximum room for your baby
  • Take regular yoga/pilates classes to tone and stretch the womens body in preparation for birth.
  • Avoid semi reclining positions, the pelvis will rotate backwards reducing the angle between the spine and the pelvic brim and the baby will rotate to the op position where there is more space
  • Avoid long car trips as the seats are bucket like (as are most modern furniture)and the pelvis is tilted backwards
  • If your job involves a lot of sitting, ensure you sit with your knees lower than your hips to tilt your pelvis forward maximizing room for your baby
  • Avoid sitting with crossed legs as this further reduces the amount of space in the front part of the pelvis

What to do if the baby is already sitting in the op position

  • Spend 15mins a day in the hands and knees position. The heaviest part of the baby (its back) will fall with gravity (to the front of the pelvis)
  • This is also the best position to give birth as the pelvis is open , the sacrum is raised and the coccyx is higher than the pubic bone. Often the women will instinctively know and naturally go to this position
  • Avoid squatting at late stages of pregnancy is your baby is in the op position as the babies head may engage before it has had a chance to turn and once in the pelvis rotation is much more difficult.
  • Sleep on your left side on or on your front supported by cushions

Who will benefit?

  • Babies
  •       -     The stresses on the babies head are minimized

  • Mothers
  •       -     Labours are shorter and require less intervention leading to greater satisfaction

If you require any further information or would like a spinal and pelvic check then please contact Perth cbd chiropractic clinic (formally central city chiropractors) on 94868653 to book an appointment All women having prenatal chiropractic can get there newborns checked for free