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Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disorder characterized by a breakdown of the articular cartilage at the ends of bones.

This cartilage, when healthy will protect the bones on either side of a joint from rubbing against each other. Where there is reduced joint space as well as increased bone growth, there is ultimately less flexibility in the joint, pain and instability.

Who gets Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disorder in the world. Most people aged over 75 years show signs of OA on x-rays. Males and females are both affected, Load bearing joints are most commonly affected for example, knees, hips and the spine.

Predisposing Factors.

Osteoarthritis is thought to develop as a result of joint wear and tear. As this joint damage takes many years to develop, age is the main risk factor. A family history of OA increases risk as well.
Risk factors which may be changed or prevented include joint injury (especially meniscal or cruciate ligament tears),Obesity and occupational overuse of a joint.


Symptoms tend to increase slowly over a period of time, sometimes disappearing for months at a time. Initially there is stiffness and reduced movement of the joint, which then leads to pain. Initially the pain may come and go.. In long standing cases of osteoarthritis the pain tends to be more permanent and the patient may feel instability in the affected joint.

How can Chiropractic help Osteoarthritis?

At Central City our Chiropractors work to help improve joint mobility and reduce pain. Much of the pain from an osteoarthritic joint may be coming from a secondary pain source due to the immobility of the unhealthy joint. These may include other joints and muscles which may be under a lot of strain due to the way your body is compensating with the unhealthy joint.

Our Central City Chiropractors will be able to give you advice about supplements to take that may help with pain relief and even assisting re-growth of the degenerated cartilage.

The best way Central City Chiropractors can help is to prevent the osteoarthritis or slowing its progression. Abnormal or poor joint movement will cause high stresses on a joint and therefore increase its risk of degeneration. By ensuring all your joints including your spine are well oiled and in good working order, you may be able to reduce your risk of osteoarthritis. You clean your teeth and visit your dentist regularly so why don’t you get your joints checked, they are a lot harder to replace than your teeth.


If you require any further information about osteoarthritis please feel free to contact Central City Chiropractors 94868653 and either book a free 5 min consultation with a chiropractor or a chiropractor will ring you back and answer any questions.