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Did you know statistics indicate back pain as the leading cause of lost work days in Australia? Did you know, according to a study done by the Asia Pacific Journal of Health, lower back pain, directly cost Australian businesses 1.02 billion dollars a year, while the indirect costs came in just above 8 billion?

According to the Medical Journal of Australia, It is now estimated that 70-80% of all Australian adults between the ages of 18-24 suffer from chronic back pain, and that ten percent of those will result in severely debilitated functionality and overall comfort. In short, chronic back pain isn’t something an individual, or our country as a whole, can afford to ignore any longer.

When it comes to the spine, the methods and treatments necessary to correct a problem area can be as vast and varying as the ways in which it can be injured. Because we, at Perth cbd chiropractic clinic (formally central city chiropractors), have spent many years analyzing and working with spines, and joints, and all of their idiosyncrasies, we know it’s best to learn and master a number of different treatment methods so we can always be prepared for whatever your body decides to throw at you.

But at Perth cbd chiropractic (formally central city chiropractic), Central City, we don’t just stop with the in-house treatments. We know well that the only way to truly, and permanently stave off long term joint and back pain, is to change habits. Which is why we not only treat you here, but perhaps more importantly, we teach you how to treat yourself out there.

If you’re suffering from chronic joint or back pain, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and contact us today for a consultation and examination.