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Shoulder Pain

There is more movement in the shoulder joint than any other joint in the body, unfortunately a price is paid and that is that it has an inherent lack of stability and is therefore at risk of injury if it is not looked after.
In order to increase this stability there needs to be a good control of movement between the ball and socket joint of the shoulder as well as the shoulder blade

Commonly there is a dysfunction in the synergy of movement, due to weakening of some of the muscles and tightening of the others.The can occur with something as simple as poor posture with people who sit at a desk all day, or the other end of the spectrum with weight lifters who don’t understand the importance of a balanced work out.

Desk Job

Poor posture seems to naturally come with people that sit at desks and lean over the computer all day. This is exactly what happens as the brain begins to think that the normal posture is a forward head and round shoulder. When this happens you get tightness of the prime mover muscles ie the Upper trapezius, pecs, scm and weakness of the stabilizing muscles. These include the rotator cuff muscles ( supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis) and the shoulder blade stabilizers (lower and mid trapezius, serratus anterior and the rhomboids.With this poor balance between muscles its is impossible to get the synergist movement required when movement of the arm occurs.When there is poor stability, impingement of tendons of the rotator cuff, within the shoulder joint can occur causing pain. Initially the pain is only during certain movements but it often progresses to constant pain.

Fitness Freak!

With this group of people the same occurs but for different reasons.Weight lifters who try to bulk up body size often don’t give there shoulders a balanced work out. They concentrate on the “mirror muscles”(those they can see in the mirror) and forget about the stabilising muscles of the rotator cuff and shoulder blade..When this occurs the balls of the shoulder joint is pulled up and forward in the socket as the weak muscles are unable to appose the mirror muscles that have been strengthened. Again impingement occurs which will usually put a stop the lifters training.

At Perth cbd chiropractic clinic (formally central city chiropractors) our chiropractors are qualified to diagnose and treat your shoulder pain. They will also be able to give exercises to correct the muscular imbalance and prevent the pain reoccurring.

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