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What to Expect

At the initial consultation you will be questioned and examined about the problem you have. It is important to tell your chiropractor everything about you health including medical history and medication so they can make the correct diagnosis.

The 1st appointment will take approximately 40mins and if diagnosis is straight forward you will be able to be treated immediately.

Occasionally other tests such as xray, CT scans or ultra sound may be required to assist in the diagnosis.

Not every one at this clinic will require x ray as is the case at some clinics In fact only the minority of our patients meet our strict guidelines.

If you are able to have treatment the chiropractor will explain what they have found and how it can be treated. They may use many different techniques to suit the individual patient including, joint manipulation, soft tissue release techniques including dry needling, massage and Graston.

Importantly to ensure that you don’t become reliant on us you will be advised on how to prevent reoccurance yourselves through exercises, stretching and ergonomic advice.

If you have any questions about your care at any time please ask your chiropractor.